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Our Document & Enterprise Content Management Solutions help you create and manage a fully integrated system —with complete visibility and access to all your business records, in whatever form they're in and wherever they reside. This will improve your business efficiency and improve decision making. Where applicable, it will make compliance with regulations more attainable.


Our Document Management Solutions deliver a wide range of options:

  • Comprehensive Document Imaging Services offering cost-effective, intelligent scanning solutions that transition paper to electronic records, maximizing your ROI while minimizing expenses and logistics.
  • Strategic Document Management Solutions using Laserfiche that provide fast and reliable access to the documents you need—when you need them.
  • Advanced record management software with the Laserfiche Records Management Edition to manage records throughout their lifecycle wherever the records reside—from inception through active, onsite management, archival storage management and destruction.
  • Customized solutions addressing the unique information management challenges of specific industries including finance, health, manufacturing and others.

Our commitment is to provide a complete range of document management services, because we understand that as times change, industries evolve and compliance issues arise, your needs will change with them. Our services are available on an “as needed or desired” basis, or you can combine solutions to get even more from your comprehensive management strategy.