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Disaster Recovery

Technology will one day catch up to nature. Then our documents and records will be immune to earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, fires and anything else that gets thrown our way.  Until then, Young & Bailey’s full Disaster Recovery Program provides you with an alternative plan.  Your documents and records might not be immune, but your critical data will be recovered quickly and almost seamlessly.

Businesses today well understand that the ability to recover data quickly and completely following a disaster is vital to business continuity. Young & Baileyoffers support services for your tapes, protecting your tape data—rapidly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Your disaster recovery (DR) plan provides critical instructions and contacts should systems and data become unavailable. Young & Bailey can help store your DR plan, ensure access to that plan and help activate it when unexpected downtime occurs. We will gives you the tools to develop and execute an effective DR plan, including:

Anywhere, anytime Internet access to recovery instructions and contact information

  • Authorization tools to define who can access your DR plan
  • A Young & Bailey Support Service Coordinator to assist in activating a DR plan in the event of a disaster