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Organizations are today facing unprecedented and unpredictable information management challenges. Information and records retention and related management issues are multiplying faster than companies can keep up with them. The growth in the use of email has dramatically increased the potential for misuse of an organization’s information. The exponential growth of both paper and electronic records is putting a heavy strain on operational budgets.

Our team of consulting professionals has expertise with records and information management, document classification, and litigation and investigatory responses. We can help alleviate the stress on your business—and your budget—by working with you to design, build and execute a records and information management policies and programs to meet growing global regulatory compliance obligations, and mitigate the rising risks and costs.

We provide our clients with expert advice in the following areas:

  • Records Management —Offering expertise in records classification schema, retention destruction policies and schedules, and compliance monitoring
  • Information Management—Offering expertise in risk assessment, information and systems mapping, and information management strategy.