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An effective efficient and effective Document Managementprogram requires an effective, efficient and compliant retention program. What you decide to destroy is as important as what you decide to keep. When documents are kept past their necessary life cycle, not only are unnecessary storage costs incurred, but the documents remain vulnerable to audits and subpoenas. A consistent and reliable Document Shreddingpolicy is critical to a business' strategy.


Today, proper, permanent destruction of sensitive information is a business imperative.A single instance of unauthorized access to information could have significant consequences, from loss of brand or reputation to the loss of market share and customer trust.

We offer  a variety of services to meet your business needs:

  • Offsite shredding removes the burden of operation from your employees while ensuring that the quality of the job is backed by the name of a widely acknowledged information management leader
  • Onsite shredding with our customized mobile shredding units offers the opportunity for independent oversight and verification by additional witnesses
  • Special projects destruction is designed for one-time or periodic destruction of sensitive materials that require secure shredding
  • Secure media destruction of non-paper based media is also available on a project basis