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Simplifying the Business of Healthcare

Leading hospitals, medical practices, billing firms and government health agencies of all sizes are turning to Laserfiche to dramatically improve their productivity and responsiveness. Pressured by regulations and driven by a clear need to streamline operations, these organizations are harnessing the power of Laserfiche to reduce overhead costs, eliminate departmental information silos and complement electronic medical records (EMR) systems.

Medical Billing

How do your clients rate your service? Providers demand faster collections and fewer denied claims, quick responses and impeccable reliability—but also want less paperwork and easier ways to submit claim data.

Laserfiche solutions for medical billing help you streamline services, heighten customer satisfaction and enforce security to get your clients paid faster and protect your business.

  • Collect receivables faster
  • Use configurable business process management to route digital documents through verification, coding and billing workflows
  • Support HIPAA compliance by safeguarding patient data
  • Provide a competitive edge when cultivating new

Medical Groups

Practicing medicine is complex enough without software making things more difficult. Laserfiche offers a natural, intuitive way to manage the flow of your practice. It's simple, easy-to-use technology that keeps your focus right where it belongs: on your patients, not your paperwork.

  • Simplify the transition to electronic medical records
  • Accelerate payment cycles
  • Automate and streamline back office processes
  • Improve patient service
  • Reduce the cost of compliance

Surgical Centers

Regulations, payment cycles, managing and protecting patient records—all these challenges impact your productivity and drive the need for improved records management and increased operational efficiency.

Laserfiche solutions help you speed collections, streamline admissions, simplify patient records management and

reduce the cost of compliance, without sacrificing the quality of patient care.

  • Streamline workflow throughout the life cycle of patient records
  • Efficiently share information among departments
  • Support faster claims processing and collections
  • Remain compliant with existing regulations