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Laserfiche provides a secure  and reliable database to manage the huge amount of information assets required in oil contracts, as well as streamline processes. Keeping all the contractual specifics in a friendly and secure electronic database will keep everybody aware of the agreements and commitments made, Disputes over agreements, can quickly and easily be resolved by pulling the pertinent documents out of Laserfiche.

An electronic library of geology, hydrology, topography and myriad other data surveys can be  scanned into Laserfiche and also tied into the spatial information module, all of which will be made available to qualified prospectors through a secure Web-based portal. That will let tech savvy prospectors know early on if field exploration is warranted.

Using Laserfiche, oil companies will benefit from a much quicker turnaround time in responding to inquiries, another strong selling point for potential customers. And Laserfiche could eventually help cut millions off the cost of extracting natural oil and gas, making fields even more attractive to prospectors—a big return on a comparatively small investment.